About Olam

Olam in Gabon is a big organization which developed various large scale projects inside the country. The company has managed 9 projects in partnership with the Republic of Gabon: 4 in agri-business which are Industrial Palm oil plantations (2011), Industrial Rubber plantations (2012), GRAINE Program (2014), Gabon Fertilizer Company (2012). Added to that, it has also developed, under one of its entities GSEZ (Gabon Special Economic Zone); a joint-venture between Olam International Ltd, Africa Finance Corporation and  the Republic of Gabon; 5 large-scale infrastructure projects which are Nkok SEZ (2010), GSEZ New Owendo International Port (2015), GSEZ Mineral Port (2014), GSEZ Infras (2016), GSEZ Airports (2016).

The New international airport in Libreville has been attributed as a long term 50-year concession to GSEZ Airports, a subsidiary fully owned by GSEZ. Located near Nkok, 30 km away from the city center, it will replace existing airport, with a capacity of:

  • 2 million passengers per year (phase 1)
  • 5 million passengers per year (phase 2)

History : Olam International initiated the GSEZ New Owendo International Port project in 2012. The purpose was to offer comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for all industrials wishing to export or import their production to and from Gabon. The terminal is also a major asset for Olam palm oil and rubber activities in Gabon and Africa. The brand new harbor facility has been so far a powerful key-drive for investors willing to start production in the Gabon Special Economic Zone of Nkok. From sourcing to exports, GSEZ is now offering them end-to-end solutions to make their business successful in Gabon.

Exhaustive pre-operation surveys took about two years, including information of nearby villages and suburbs . Dredging, resolution and construction facilities were completed in a record-breaking time of 18 months with 6 hectares earned on the sea. In the industry, average time to build a facility of this kind, from scratch to operations, is 5 years. The New Owendo International Port was built in less than three years.

Location: The GSEZ new international port is located at Owendo, 27 kilometers south from the capital city Libreville.

Connectivity: The port offers a comprehensive logistic solution to customers. It is a multi-modal platform with a privileged access by sea, road and rail. The goods can be distributed wherever they are in the country.

Advantages: The brand new, modern, state-of-the art facility is matching international standards in harbor industry and is offering, for the first time ever in Gabon, stable and transparent port pricing. GSEZ cargo terminal proposes a unique "pay per box" price. Prior to our settling down, price list was puzzling and undecipherable. We also provide stocking areas at walking distance from jetty and modern handling equipment. For our clients, fret costs are decreasing significantly. They can now rely on guaranteed fixed and transparent pricing (stevedoring costs have decreased from 15% to 40%). From jetty to their warehouse, shipment time has significantly improved: 2 weeks now versus 3 to 4 weeks before.


We offer world-class facilities with equipment such as:

  • A 690 meters quay with two berths for Panamax type vessels.
  • Two mobile harbor cranes for loading and unloading containers.
  • Four RTG (Rubber Tired Gantry) cranes.
  • Two grain silos (wheat, malt.) with a capacity of 10 000 tons each. Two extra 5000 tones silos will be added soon.
  • Seven storage tanks for CPO (Crude Palm Oil) with an overall capacity of 10500 tons


Shipping agency: We offer in-house premier shipping services. It helps you in preparing the vessel stopover, assists you for paperwork with maximum efficiency.

Logistics: We have our own logistic facilities with barges, rail and road services (80 trucks). 250 dedicated people are working 24/7, providing uninterrupted logistics service all across Gabon.

CHA: Our cargo terminal is a licensed customhouse broker providing seamless clearing services in Gabon. Services include customs clearance, compliance with import / export regulations, and a comprehensive multi-modal point-to-point service.

Single window clearance authority: We offer a one-stop administration that includes tax, customs or immigration. Major government agencies and departments will be represented "under one roof" to expedite government approvals and help efficient quick-off activities for our customers settling. The single window clearance authority makes smoother and faster all administrative procedures.

End to end shipping service:

We offer end-to-end shipping Services under one umbrella:

  • Port operation for Import & Export of bulk cargo and general cargo.
  • Shipping Agency Service.
  • Transportation/ logistics service.
  • CHA (Custom House Agent) Service

Two new infrastructure utilities have been attributed as a long term 20-years concession to GSEZ Infra, a subsidiary fully owned by GSEZ:

- Water Pipeline of 65 km to supply Port-Gentil

- Electrical Lines of 2’321 km across rural areas

  • For the electrical lines, the project consists of the development of 2’321 km electrical lines, starting with regions impacted by Olam projects in Gabon: Bitam, Mouila, Kango
  • The project is well on-track: all preliminary studies are completed, financing is secured, construction is ready to start and shall last for 3 years.


GSEZ provides investors with Industrial plots (also available on rent) and they can rely on world class industrial infrastructure provided at Nkok SEZ.


At 27km of Libreville, in a 1 126 multi-sectorial industrial park for economic development, the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of NKOK is perfectly located, especially for our customers who receive products from inside the country. The zone developed 1’093 ha in 2 phases:

Phase 1 (591 ha) and Phase 2 (502 ha)

Appart from the roadway, the SEZ is also accessible by sea and railway (at a distance from Owendo port of 18 km, by water way 35 km by road and 21 km by railway)


GSEZ also provides a high speed internet services say 3/WASC with optical fibre speed.

Electricity is supplied by a power plant of 70 MW already operational highly reliable infrastructures in terms of energy source.

The Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is powered through its own 90 KV transmission system: 1 main receiving station and 5 zonal sub-stations with a 20 KV distribution laying.

Industrial grade water is supplied by 2 water tanks with a storage capacity of 6 million liters per day. A waste water treatment plan with a daily capacity of 5 million liters is operational. Waste water is treated as per prescribed national legislation.


The Gabonese government has granted fiscal incentives and a favourable legal framework.

0% Corporate Icome Tax for the first ten years.

0% Customs duty on import of equipment and machinery for industries.

1 Single Window Clearance Authority

17 government agencies and departments represented under one roof to expedite government approuvals and help efficient quick-off activities for customers settling in the SEZ.

Besides, the investisors also benefit from:

  • Acces to CEMAC zone with a regional market of 50 million consumers
  • Fixed parity between FCFA (the local currency) and Euro: 655,957 FCFA = 1 euro

GSEZ Mineral Port was established in 2015 on the Barracuda zone of Owendo, twenty one kilometers south from downtown Libreville. In 2016, dredging and resolution were achieved in a record breaking time of 60 days with 2 million tons of sand brought from deep sea.  Jetty was completed in 45 days. The first vessel was loaded on January 1st 2017.  The Mineral Port spreads over a surface of 45 ha and can handle over 4 million tons per year.

In the second phase, the capacity will be upgrade up to 10 million tons with mechanized berths and a 120 meters conveyor above ocean, going directly from bulk terminal to ships. The port is currently importing limestone, clinkers and coke for clients in the cement industry such as CEMA or COMIDOC. Exports are mainly manganese from hinterland mines and sawn timber for companies like NGM or CITIC.

Location:  GSEZ Mineral Port is located on the Barracuda zone of Owendo, twenty one kilometer south from downtown Libreville, Gabon. 00°17,5N’ and 09°28’E.

Connectivity:  The port offers a comprehensive logistic solution to customers. The mineral port is an ore and multi-users platform with a 1, 5 railway line and a 20 000 m2 stock area. The site includes two barges (with two additional barges coming in November 2017) which are transshipping goods (minerals and raw materials) from jetty to vessels. Equipment includes three locomotives, 94 wagons with a capacity of 80 tons each. The mineral port is connected to main highways. 

Advantage: GSEZ Mineral Port offers for the first time in Africa, world class services at very competitive prices, with rates 30% less expensive than other African harbors rates. This competitiveness is a new milestone in Africa with the possibility to load 50 000 tons vessel in 4 days compared to 20 days in most of other African harbors.

A $ 1.6 billion greenfield integrated urea plant, producing 1.3 MT per year and located in Mandji Island in the West Coast of Gabon.

This project has a competitive access to natural gas through a long term fixed price gas contract with Perenco and other oil & gas industrial players in the country. This company is expected to be one the most competitive global supplier with a unique logistic position to serve LATAM, North America and Africa. Main sponsors of the project are Olam with 80% ownership and the Republic of Gabon with 20%

Operated by SOTRADER, a Joint Venture between Olam and the Republic of Gabon, GRAINE Program holds 200’000 Ha of which 128’000 Ha for smallholders.

The phase 1 of the project concerned 70 000 ha of palm oil dedicated to export and 8 000 ha for domestics crops (banana, tomato, cassava, pepper etc.), for a total of 78’000 ha.

Optimistic numbers:

  • GRAINE has to date regional offices in 6 provinces out of 9 in Gabon
  • 475 bulldozers ordered to Caterpillar (of which 40 already arrived), 2m banana seedlings ordered (of which 1m already delivered and planted)
  • >10’000 Ha land already prepared and >7’000 Ha planted
  • >1’300 Gabonese already trained (incl. some Gabonese sent to Malaysia and Morocco for training)
  • 65 water pumps installed, 100km road rehabilitated

Also a Joint Venture between Olam and the Republic of Gabon, Olam Rubber Gabon (ORG) manages the 28’000 Ha industrial rubber plantations out of which 10 000 have already been planted. The first harvest is expected in 2020.

The rubber plant which construction will start in 2019 will have a capacity of 225 Tonnes per day

Olam Palm Gabon (OPG) is a Joint Venture between the Republic of Gabon (40%) and Olam International (60%) and is in charge of developing Olam’s Industrial Palm Oil projects in Gabon. This project counts 3 sites which are respectively Awala (2011), Mouila (2011) and Makouké acquired in 2016 from Siat Gabon,

  • Mouila and Awala each have 1 CPO mill on site and reunite 49’000 ha planted the vision beiing to plant 50 000ha by the end of 2017. Awala also has the 1st greenfield RSPO certification in Africa acquired in October 2016
  • Makouke has from its side 5’809 ha planted and can be potentially extended on 2’602 ha.