Oracle DBA and TOS Application Manager

Skill / Experience / Job Description:         

Oracle DBA

  • A good knowledge of physical database design
  • Ability to perform both Oracle and SQL Server database performance monitoring and the necessary adjustments.
  • A good knowledge of the operating system(s)
  • Be able to provide a strategic database direction for the organisation.
  • Excellent knowledge of Oracle and SQL Server backup and recovery scenarios.
  • Good skills in all Oracle tools.
  • A good knowledge of Oracle security management.
  • A good knowledge of how Oracle acquires and manages resources.
  • Sound knowledge of the applications at your site.
  • Experience and knowledge in migrating code, database changes, data and menus through the various stages of the development life cycle.
  • A good knowledge of the way Oracle enforces data integrity.
  • A sound knowledge of both database and program code performance tuning.
  • A DBA should possess a sound understanding of the business.
  • A DBA should have sound communication skills with management, development teams, vendors, systems administrators and other related service providers.

Application Admin

  • The candidate shall monitor the XYZ software application, document and analyze problems, and publish maintenance schedule
  • Sets up administrator and service accounts
  • Maintains system documentation
  • Interacts with users and evaluates vendor products
  • Provides advice and training to end-users
  • The candidate shall serve as part of a team responsible to maintain an XYZ system availability rate of 99%
  • Troubleshoot, and resolve any reported problems
  • Provide application performance tuning
  • Enable best practices
  • Process automation
  • Collaborate with hardware, OS, DBA technical teams to ensure proper integration of the environment
  • Work closely with application development teams and vendors to tune and troubleshoot applications
  • Plan and coordinate testing changes, upgrades, and new services, ensuring systems will operate correctly in current and future environments
  • Provides second level of technical support for all corporate systems and software components
  • Provide Level 3 support for the application. Must be able to support 24 x 7. Also enable production support team to tackle Level 2 support and issues
  • Leads and participates in efforts to develop and implement processes for application and system monitoring
  • Leads and participates in efforts to implement application updates to include upgrades, patches, and new releases
  • Tests, debugs, implements, and documents programs. Assists in the modification of company products and/or customer/


  • Location:Libreville - Owendo Port
  • Department:Informatique
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